Electronic-mechanical lock and touch opening


Fully powered controls that allow the opening and closing of the locking system, automatically operating the outlet and inlet of deadbolts. Functioning: the door can either be opened - from the external side by touching the knob, wearing the special EASY electronic key; - using TRANSPONDER D25 key on the internal or external side; - by push-button, only on the internal side. Electric power supply 9V (by external transformer). Equipped with 1,6A and emergency batteries Ni-Mh 6x1,2V. Emergency opening: with mechanical key for European Cylinder protected by defender on the external side, hidden thumbturn knob for the Cylinder on the internal side. Electronic emergency opening can be achieved using the code to be activated by the user.

Class 3 - 15 fixing points

Double doors - 19 fixing points

Single/Double leaf