Anti-burglary class

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Class 2

CLASS 2 doors guarantee a decent protection for homes preventing the intrusion of people who try to enter by means of the physical strength or with the use of tools such as screwdrivers, wedges, pliers, wrenches.

Ideal  for: stairway doors with normal risk, warehouse doors of goods of low value

Class 3

CLASS 3 doors guarantee a greater security by preventing the intrusion to a burglar who also make use of large screwdrivers size and crowbar.

Ideal for: stairway doors with considerable risk, offices of industrial buildings, villa

Class 4

CLASS 4 doors guarantee a greater security by preventing intrusion to an expert burglar, who additionally uses saws, hammers, hatchets, chisels and portable drills a battery

Ideal for: bank office, jewelers, hospitals, industrial plants and laboratories, villa