T 300 APP - From now on your smartphone is the only key you need

T300 APP
T300 APP
T300 APP
T300 APP


The only key that can’t be duplicated without your permission. Allow your guests to gain easy access to your apartment or office through a simple text or email. You can personalize every digital key thanks to the different settings concerning time slot.


You can give your keys to whoever you want, forever or for a limited time. Finally, you will no longer have to make copies of your physical keys. You can control your guests’ access through your smartphone even if you’re across the world.


Your smartphone communicates with T 300 APP extremely safely. We use a NSA developed protocol that runs through a Bluetooth 4.0 module and is encrypted with the SHA-2 system, designed by the US National Security Agency. The T 300 APP keys are not copyable, you can delete them when you want and if you lose your smartphone you can block them easily.

The era of new connected opening systems has begun.

In an increasingly technological and connected world we still open the door by key: today, the partnership between GARDESA and SCLAK opens a new frontier with innovative armored door models, which can be opened via smartphone and a dedicated App.

No more key management problems! SCLAK integrates seamlessly into your Airbnb booking system so you can send and manage pre-programmed digital keys to your guests and service staff.

Acoustic insulation
from 38 dB to 42 dB
Thermal transmittance
from 1,4 W/m2K to 1,2 W/m2K
Wind resistance
from 3C to 5 C
Waterproof resistance
from n.p.d. to 3A
Air permeability
from 2 to 4

Open with smartphone

Users with access permission can open locks simply by tapping on the button in the App. Set your locks to open automatically or with the Knock-Knock mode when you are in range.

Users by remote

Invite guests simply by sending them keys via sms or e-mail and control where and when they can access through their personalized access calendar.

It closes automatically

Move on from metal keys and generate secure, customized digital keys for friends, relatives, service staff, employees, guests and anyone else who needs to open your secure locks.


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