It comes a new conception of panels for security doors. The panel becomes a tailor suit, you can now dress your door in accordance with the style of your home.
High-resolution mdf printed panels inspired from nature and art in 5 mm (for standard doors) and 7 mm (overlay version for Venice TOP doors).

Andrea Castrignano
Andrea Castrignano Andrea Castrignano is an interior designer whose professional philosophy is based on tailor-made. A tireless exporter of US culture absorbed during his career, he has been combining turnkey design with all-round consulting since 1997. His interior projects range from the private to the retail sector. Since 2011, he has starred in the programme he created entitled Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita!, a docu-reality show broadcast on La5 channel, at its sixth edition this year. He has written three books about the interior design world and has created the first interior design blog: a multimedia window that uses images and videos to describe his design approach to his current works, making-of films, refurbishments and products. He works with many companies in the interior design sector, designing exclusive collections, whose creation and putting into production he personally oversees.