The active alarm in the heart of the door makes Gardesa security doors an active intruder deterrent system. is installed inside the door, with the function of generating an alarm in case of attempted burglary. No need for power supply, as it uses readily available batteries. With, security doors do not only resist, but “react” to attempted attacks such as drilling, violent impact and forcing, emitting a loud alarm that immediately puts burglars to flight, preventing them from entering the house.


Technical characteristics:

  • Wireless system: no wiring or connection to the electrical system. This means that cannot be “silenced” by the burglar by simply cutting the wires.
  • Powered by alkaline batteries: also works in case of power failure.
  • Acoustic alarm: piezoelectric buzzer. High intensity for a 60 second alarm.
  • Courtesy light: High brightness white LED light to quickly find the switch when returning home at night.
  • System built in the door: no visible external elements affect the appearance of the door, which looks like a “normal” security door. video